AKA - Your biggest cheerleader. Your negotiator. Your bring-you-back-down-to-earth. Your strategist. Your comedian. Your lipstick holder. Your accountability. Your reliable. Your sense of calm. Your judgement-free zone. Your dreamer.

Your GIVEN Event Co.

Given Event Co.’s Founder and CEO, Leah Hudson, has a background fully spanning the scope of event planning, management, event design, customer service, business growth strategist, custom planning, consulting and training. 

Leah spent the last 10 years as an Event Director serving Nashville and Birmingham and as a Business Development Consultant traveling to almost all 50 states (just missing 3 states!) and international countries.

You wouldn’t be here unless you were a dreamer like me.

I can’t wait to see what we build together.

As my mom always said, “work hard but play harder”.

I totally view the planning process as a bit of work and play combined, which is one of the reasons I love this creative industry as much as I do. There are some things that I love even more, and you’re looking at two at them below- Eric, my husband, and our sidekick, Trooper.

I grew up in Alabama and have been a Texas resident for 5 years.

Eric and I love to explore near and far to find new vibes around Texas and learn from different cultural experiences- like sleeping under the stars in Morocco or wandering the countryside of Ireland.

Pack your bags. You name a place and we’ll meet you there.